Sunday, October 6, 2013

Finding a Balance

A week ago I got a phone call from our dear friends asking us to join them for the Packer-Detroit game in Green Bay the following week.  My mind immediately went to mush.  All I could think about was all my professional responsibilities coming up the next few weeks, such as my new PBL project, my Digital Writer’s Workshop class, an out of state professional development engagement, and 6th grade camp, just to name a few.  I looked at my husband and I knew that we both needed a break, and a chance to do something other than work on a Sunday for a change.  I said, “Yes!  We can’t wait!”

The following week was insane, filled with work, a sick baby, our son’s sports commitments, and planning for the trip to Green Bay.  My excitement about the game was overshadowed by the guilt of taking the Sunday off of work.  Why did I feel this way?  As teachers we fill our plates so full and never feel “done”.  I have a hard time disconnecting because my passion for what I do consumes me.  I realized this week that this is not a healthy way to be, and I need to get better at finding a balance.  

In Writer’s Workshop, I remind my writers how important it is to “live differently because you are a writer.  Notice small moments and capture them in entries.”  If I sit in front of my computer and never leave my house, how am I modeling this behavior as a writer?  How will I have anything to share? 

If I would have said no to the game, I would have missed the following small moments today:
  • The ride to and from Lambeau Field filled with stories and laughter
  • Our friend Ken winning a Jordy Nelson Jersey in a tailgating raffle
  •  Eating the best steak sandwich ever on a pretzel roll, and devouring two bowls of seafood chowder that would challenge any restaurant on Bourbon Street 
  •  Finding disgusting standing water by a dumpster and taking a picture of it to share with my students tomorrow (they know I am grossed out by putrid standing water)
  •  I was almost not allowed in the Packer game because my beautiful purse was too big to pass security (my sweet husband emptied it out and smuggled it in)
  • Watching an amazing Packer win in sunny 65 degree weather
  • Spending an entire day with my husband, kid-free, talking about everything, BUT education
As I type this on my phone in the car on the ride home, I realize I made the right choice. Granted, I'm sneaking a little work in, but I'm excited to share, reflect, and celebrate how I lived life differently today, and found a balance. I can't wait to share these exciting experiences with my class tomorrow, and discover what small moments they lived this weekend too.

Celebrating the Win
Rogers and Nelson?

A Purse Worth Fighting For
Lambeau Field
Standing Water