Sunday, September 15, 2013

Students! Assemble!

I am a superhero fan.  I love the comics, movies, action figures, costumes, and most important, I love the story behind the hero.  I like Ironman, but I am in awe of the brilliant Tony Stark.  He has an idea, and retreats to his lab to research and build with J.A.R.V.I.S. to create the next great technology masterpiece.  I like Batman, but my favorite scenes are when Bruce Wayne and Alfred or Lucius Fox are researching, brainstorming, discussing strategy, and testing the newest tech tool.  These men are mere mortals, but they don’t believe there is a limit to the possibilities. Awesome. I understand that Iron Man and Batman are fictional characters, but we all need a little superhero to push ourselves and believe that anything is possible, because it is.  This is a lesson I want to teach my students with the support of 1:1 Chromebooks.  In education, teaching and learning should lead to Common Core Standard assessment, but should start with student ideas and choice.  As learning missions take flight, we decide the best learning path together.  We research, we collaborate, we strategize, we create, just like Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne. Once the mission is complete, we celebrate our success.  Finally, we reflect and set goals for our next mission, just like other superheroes do. I feel honored to lead my superheroes on their daily missions.  We are fortunate at Merton to have Chromebooks, Smartboards, document cameras and iTouches to enhance our learning experience. I just remind them that it is the operator with the brilliant mind and thoughtful heart who is the superhero, not the device.

Thank you to my fellow tech geeks @chris_reuter, @chadkafka, @dkapuler, and @MisterMinor for sharing resources and my passion for superheroes. 

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