Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Chromebooks Have Landed

What a wonderful Friday in Merton, WI.  At 10:12 A.M., the Chromebooks landed in Room 121.  My class used Chrome and Google Apps on netbooks last year as 5th Graders, but Chromebooks are a right of passage in 6th Grade at Merton.  My students immediately became one with their Chromebook.  It was a beautiful thing. Once they discovered a few things, they started to share their gems with classmates. After a few minutes, they went to their Google Drive and started their writing activity in Google Docs.  I was pleased that they remembered our discussions from last year, and why we have 1:1 access in our classroom.  We focus on learning outcomes.  Our tasks have purpose and tie closely to our learning targets.  Luckily there is always room for the 4C’s and fun in the process.  The graphic by Bill Ferriter can help educators take the focus off the shiny tools, and put them back on the learning outcomes. The tools will follow, and so will the students.  
One of the ways we start conversations and find answers is by connecting with classmates, PLN's and global communities via Kidblog. My students will be posting their first reflection next week. Please visit and comment often. Our connection to a greater audience and your comments motivates my students to write more than ever. We are always looking for other classrooms willing to connect and create together. Mrs. Reuter's Class Blog

We ended our day celebrating our week of learning and our Chromebooks. We discussed how we will model digital citizenship as we explore our Chromebooks over the weekend. What a great week! I’m so proud of my students. 

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